Komodo 6-speed Adult Tri-cycle

August 13, 2014 0

Komodo 6-speed Adult Tri-cycleThe Komodo 6-speed adult tricycle can be used as an alternative carrier. It has been designed to cater to your various carrying needs. This tri-cycle comes with a large wire basket which has been installed in order to facilitate carrying stuff. The low clearance of this tricycle makes getting on and off extremely easy. The unique design of Komodo allows a comfortable ride position and makes the ride experience unique as well as hassle-free. Shimano component equipped gearing system offers 6 speeds which gives the riders an ample number of options to choose from. Reason for choosing Shimano components is their flawless track record and they live up to the reputation by providing smooth, precise, efficient and seamless gear shifting. The front steel and rear alloy brakes of this tricycle provide ample braking power to stop the tricycle in time while allowing for smooth braking. Alloy rims combined with steel spokes provide durability and strength to handle the rough roads. The total carrying capacity of this tricycle is 240 pounds including the rider. The power transfer in this tricycle is amazing and even when you are riding with maximum loads, you do not have to toil hard to get the tricycle going. It delivers a top notch performance coupled with reliability, comfort and endurance at an unrivalled price and if you are looking for an alternative carrier vehicle that can cater to all your carrying needs, this one can be a perfect choice.

The Komodo Tricycle comes with

  • Shimano TY-21 series derailleurs with Shimano RS45 series shifters allow smooth, precise, efficient and seamless gear shifting and offer a 6-speed gear range which is sufficient to handle different kinds of surfaces.
  • Steel handle bar with steel stem which offer a comfortable ride position
  • Low clearance which makes getting on and off extremely easy
  • Alloy front brake and rear steel brake which offer ample braking force to stop the tricycle in time
  • Large, comfortable and padded saddle to make riding as comfortable and enjoyable as possible
  • Steel cranks and chainwheel
  • Wired carrying basket (22.5 ‘’ x 18.5’’ x 11.25’’) to facilitate carrying.
  • Carrying capacity of 240 pounds (including rider)


The Komodo 6 speed adult tricycle is a vehicle which can come to your rescue if you are looking for a solid and reliable carrier. The bike comes with a wire basket for carrying stuff and it has a maximum carrying capacity if 240 pounds (including the rider). In terms of performance, this one is as good as they come. The gearing system of this bike offers a 6 speed gear range and allows smooth and efficient heard shifting.

This tricycle does not ship fully assembled and assembling the tricycle is not exactly straight forward. If you have not done something like this before and do not feel comfortable, make sure to take it to your local bike shop. The derailleurs and the brakes of this bike need some tune up before you start riding this one. Replacing the saddle also might prove to be a good idea as it is not very comfortable.

Overall, this tricycle performs well on all fronts. From carrying capacity to ride quality, from comfort to performance, this bike certainly impresses and delivers more than what you spend on it. The price point at which this tricycle is offered is extremely reasonable and if you are looking for a bicycle/tricycle which can also be used for carrying things efficiently, this one can be a perfect choice.

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