Giordano Rapido Single Speed Bike

August 13, 2014 0

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

The Giordano Rapido is an entry level road bike which can be used for commuting, fitness riding or just for cruising along the town or city streets. This bike offers simplistic features and a smooth and enjoyable ride quality. The hassle-free ride experience offered by the Giordano Rapido makes it one of the best bikes in the single speed category. It comes with a lightweight aluminium frame which gives it strength while keeping its weight in check. The bike is equipped with flip-flop rear hubs which enable to quickly switch between the fixie mode and single speed mode and riding this bicycle in both the modes is immense fun. Alloy rims and hubs of this bike give it the robustness and durability to handle the rough roads while its front and rear calliper brakes have sheer braking force on offer and allows for precision braking with superior control while braking at high speeds. It has all the qualities of an ideal commuter bike and offers to you a complete package of performance, comfort, style and durability. The Giordano Rapido delivers a power packed performance and the price at which this bike is offered makes it an extremely lucrative option.


  • ¬†Giordano Rapido Single Speed Bike comes with
  • A steel frameset which makes the bike strong and provides just the right level of stiffness.
  • A steel fork which efficiently absorbs the hits and bumps off the road and ensures a smooth, enjoyable and steady ride.
  • Alloy rims which provide the necessary strength to handle the rough roads
  • Alloy front hubs
  • Flip-flop rear hub which offers seamless switching between fixie and single speed mode
  • Alloy Side Pull brakes which offer sheet braking force and can stop the bike in time.

If you are looking for a single speed city commuter bicycle and have a budget to deal with, the Giordno Rapido is one of your best options. Coming with a light-weight aluminium frame, this bike weighs around 26.5 pounds which is perfectly fine for a commuter bike. Ride quality offered by this bike is quite smooth and it offers two modes – fixie or single speed mode. Riding this bike in both the modes is a unique and quite enjoyable experience. Kenda tires of this bike are thicker compared to traditional road bike tires and can handle the city roads quite effectively.
The brakes of Giordano Rapido are made of plastic and are quite cheap. The seat is pretty hard and not comfortable at all. If you are planning to ride this bike hard, you might want to have them replaced. The pedals are also quite cheap and you might have to upgrade those as well.
Apart from the few glitches mentioned above, this bike delivers an excellent and quite impressive show for its price. Riding this bike is a soothing and comfortable experience and as a city commuter bike, this one succeeds in flying colours. The Giordano Rapido is ideal for getting to work, campus rides, fitness riding or just for coasting along your town or city streets and if you are looking for a bike with simplistic features  under a small budget, this one can be a perfect choice.

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