XtremepowerUS 26″ 21 Speed Shimano Gear Road / Mountain Bike Bicycle

August 19, 2014 0

XtremepowerUS 26 21 Speed Shimano Gear Road  Mountain Bike Bicycle

The XtremepowerUS Road/Mountain bike is a mountain bike ready to scorch the roads with its breathtaking speed and slick looks. This bike cones with a steel frame set which gives it strength coupled with durability. The fork for this bicycle is also made of steel and it does a quite efficient job in handling the hits and bumps off the road and offers a smooth and enjoyable ride experience. This bike ships with Shimano shifters which have a flawless track record and they do justice to their reputation by offering smooth, precise, efficient and seamless shifting. Alloy caliper disc brakes of this bike have ample braking force on offer and ensure smooth and stable braking with high precision and control. Its innovative design offers a comfortable ride position and reduces strain on the back. This bike offers to you a complete package of style, speed, endurance and agility at an unrivalled price and if you are looking for a budget bike which comes with reliability, this one certainly is one of the best deals available on the market.Specifications
XtremepowerUS 21 Speed Road/Mountain bikes comes with
Steel Frame which gives the bike the necessary strength to handle the rough roads.
Hi-Tensile Steel Fork which provides just the right level of stiffness and efficiently handles the undulated road.
Shimano Trigger shifters which offer smooth, precise, fast and flawless gear shifting and offer a 21 speed gear range enough to handle slopes as well as flat terrains.
Front and Rear Alloy Disc Caliper Brakes which provide ample braking force to stop the bike in time
The XtremepowerUS road/mountain bike is a flat bar road/mountain bike which can be used for commuting, fitness rides or just for cruising along the town or city streets. The flat handlebar of this bike offers a comfortable ride position and the ride quality of this bike is quite smooth and enjoyable. It comes with a steel frame and fork which make the bike robust. Shimano shifters of this bike offer a 21 speed gear range which is sufficient to handle flat surfaces as well as the slopes.
The brakes of the he bike are not as good as you would have liked them to be. The gear shifting also is not as precise as you would have expected. Getting to the right gear sometimes becomes a problem. The pedals are also quite low end. In order to get the best out of the bike, it best to have these upgraded.
Overall, this bike is quite impressive and performs well on all fronts. Gearing is quite smooth and ride quality is excellent. It is fairly is lightweight and as a result, it is extremely easy to handle the bike. The price point at which this bike is offered seems quite reasonable and if you are looking for a high-performance road bike which can be used for commuting, fitness rides and occasional weekend or club rides, this can be your perfect choice.

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