Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike – Integrated Shifters

May 29, 2012 0

Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Road Bike

Vilano FORZA 4.0 aluminum road bike with integrated shifters features a light weight aluminum frame. This bike can reach impressive speeds with its integrated shifters. The front derailleur is capable of three speeds and the rear derailleur is capable of eight speeds. Combined, the bike can reach a total of 24 different speeds. The fork is made of steel for durability and provides a stable ride. The tires and brakes have fairly high quality. Most customers find the ProMax brakes responsive in high traffic situations. The Kenda tires can withstand, at least, 120 miles of cycling without replacement. The Vilano FORZA is a good introductory bike if you are in the market for road bicycles for sale.


• Number of Speeds – 24 Different Speeds
• Frame – Made of Aluminum
• Fork – Made of Steel
• Shifter – Integrated Shifter
• Front Derailleur – Manufactured by Microshift, Three Speed
• Rear Derailleur – Manufactured by Shimano, Eight Speed
• Crankset – Made of Alloy
• Stem – Made of Alloy
• Chain – Manufactured by KMC
• Tires – Manufactured by Kenda
• Brakes — Manufactured by Promax
• Handlebars – Made of Alloy
• Saddle — Manufactured by Cionlli
• Seatpost – Made of Alloy


The Vilano FORZA 4.0 aluminum road bike is a great bike for the money invested. The bike will require some adjustments, but many people can ride the bike with the standard components. One customer reported cycling over 120 miles without any major maintenance or repair. This is impressive.

Some people make adjustments to the derailleur and upgrade the pedals if they prefer clipless to clipped pedals. The derailleur adjustments may be difficult. Many people may solicit the help of a local bike store to help with the adjustments. The local bike shop can also tune other components of the bike also. Some people add a new saddle to meet their specific body types.

The initial assembly is easy, and the instructions are simple. Most people do not require a professional to assemble the bike, but some people recommend it to be assured that the adjustments are tailored to each individual biker. Professional assembly is an extra expense, but the expense is not much considering the amount saved by keeping other components of the bike standard.

The bike can climb hills extremely well. The integrated shifters make climbing hills easier. Because the shifters are easy to use, the bike is recommended for beginners. Commuters who ride more than eight hours per day prefer this bike because it offers a comfortable ride for the investment.

Overall, the Vilano FORZA is a good investment. Most people with a budget in this price range would select this bike. The body is sleek and stylish. The monochromatic color style is also attractive. If you are searching for road bikes for sale, Vilano FORZA would be a good choice.

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