Viking Phantom Senior (53, 56 or 59 centimetres)

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Viking Phantom Senior (53, 56 or 59 centimetres)The Viking Phantom Senior is an entry level road bike which is ready to scorch the roads with its lightening fast speed and unique style. This bike features a steel road bike frame which makes the bike strong and provides just the right level of stiffness for smooth and stable ride quality. The rigid front fork of this bike has been tailor made to provide you a smooth ride experience and it does a fantastic job in handling the undulated road. The Shimano component equipped gearing system of this bike delivers a top-notch performance by providing fast, smooth, precise and seamless shifting and offers a 14 speed gear range which is enough to handle any kind of surface with utmost ease and grace. The lightweight of this bike makes it extremely easy to handle and it is capable of going really fast. The ride position offered by this bike keeps in mind the comfort of its riders and riding this bike is immense fun. This bike offers to you a complete package of speed, performance, endurance and if you are looking for road bike which can be used for racing, commuting, fitness riding or just for cruising along the city streets, this one is your perfect choice.

The Viking Phantom Senior comes with a Steel Road Bike Frame which makes this bike strong.
Rigid Front Forks which provide just the right level of stiffness and ensures a smooth ride quality.
Shimano gears with Shimano handlebar mounted shifters offering a 14-speed gear range.
Front and rear road calliper brakes which provide sheer braking force coupled with superior control and stability while braking at high speeds.
700c Alloy Wheels with front quick release feature offer durability.

The Viking Phantom Senior is an entry level road bicycle which can be used for racing, fitness riding and commuting. It comes with a steel frame and fork. The gearing system of this bike uses Shimano components and they live up to their usual standards. Gearing is pretty smooth and the 14-speed gear range is sufficient to handle the slopes as well as flat surfaces.
This bike does not ship fully assembled and if you have not assembled a bike before and do not feel confident, it is best to take it to your local bike shop. The derailleurs and the brakes need some tune up. The tools that come with this bike are of wrong size and do not fit the components.
This bike is for newbies who are looking to get into biking. If you are somebody who is looking for a commuter bike which can occasionally be used for racing or club rides, this bike will also fit you. The performance delivered by this bike certainly exceeds the expectations and if you are looking for a budget road bike which offers you the biggest bang for your bucks, you can certainly consider buying this one.

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