Victory Vision Bike 

July 7, 2014 0

The Victroy Vision is one of the most popular road bikes being offered by Victory.  Whether you are looking for a bike to commute to your workplace, for use within the campus or for hardcore biking – the Victory Vision has much to offer to everyone. The bike comes with an Aluminium frame which helps it to weigh less but makes it strong and robust. The bike comes with Shimano shifters for smooth and efficient gear shifts. It offers a 12-speed gear range which makes it ready to scale any kind of terrain with ease and grace.  The bike has a slick and stylish look and feel and its price tag makes it even more appealing.

The bike is equipped with Aluminium Frame (20 inches); Shimano Shifters with Shimano derailleurs; Alloy Caliper Front and Rear Brakes; Alloy Rims with 700C Tires; Alloy Drop Bar Handlebar; Alloy Seatclamp with Allan Head-bolt Adjustment and adjustable seatpost.

The Victory Vision is a city commuter bike. It is ideal for campus rides or just cruising along the paved city or town streets. If you are looking for a commuter bike, then this one can be considered as an option. On the other hand, if you are somebody who is looking to get into biking and want to wet your feet by getting a taste of biking without investing a hefty amount, this can also be a good choice.
The bike comes with an Aluminium frame which keeps the weight of the bike under check. Shimano shifters and derailleurs have been used which perform alright. The 12 speed gearing mechanism offers a wide gear range although the bike does not perform very well during up-hill climbs.  The ride quality offered on flat terrains is extremely smooth though. The bike has a stylish and slick look which works well in its favour.
The bike does not ship fully assembled but comes with printed instructions which suffer from lack of clarity and it hard to understand. If you face any trouble during assembly, take it to your local bike shop. The derailleurs and the brakes need to be tuned up properly before you start riding the bike. The saddle is also not comfortable at all and you might want to get that replaced especially if you are planning for long trips.
Overall, if you are an experience biker, this bike is not recommended. However, if you are just starting out with biking or you are somebody who is looking for an efficient commuter, this bike can definitely be considered. The price of the bike is more than reasonable and with this bike, you get value for your money.

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