Tour De France Stage One Vintage

July 3, 2014 0

The Tour De France Stage One is an entry level bicycle whch offers to you a complete package of style, comfort and speed. Equipped with a lightweight alloy frame which makes the bike easy to handle, this bike can be used for commuting, exercising or just for the fun of riding. The bike is ideal for cruising along the city streets and features a single speed gearing system. The saddle made by Vader is extremely comfortable. The bull-horn style handle bar of this bike has also been designed keeping in mind the comfort of its riders. Toe clips are provided which make braking a lot easier. The bike offers a smooth and enjoyable ride experience and if you are looking for a commuter bike that is stylish, efficient, offers a smooth ride quality and comes with an affordable price tag, this bike is definitely for you.

The bike comes with an Alloy Frameset with a Steel (threadless) Fork; Alloy Stem; 27.2 Alloy seatpost (300 millimetre); ProMox Alloy BullHorn Shaped Handlebar (41 centimetre); 700C Wheels; 700C by 23 C Road Tire with Presta Valves; Double Walled Alloy Rims and Alloy Road Pedals

The Tour de France Stage One Road Bike is not meant for the “Tour de France” stage one – it is a single speed city commuter and it is a good one. The frame of the bike is light which keeps the bike’s weight in check and as a result, the bike very handy and lightweight. The ride quality is also quite comfortable. The flip-flop rear wheel comes with the options of free-wheel or fixed gear riding modes. The bullhorn handles adds a sporty vibe to the bike. The components that make up the bike have been judiciously chosen. The bike looks slick and stylish and is meant to attract attention.
The bike does not ship assembled and although printed instructions come with the bike, setting it up is not really straight forward. The brakes of the bike need some tuning up and the seatpost and the saddle might also require some adjustment. It is best to visit your local bike shop for setting the bike up as well as getting it tuned to ensure optimum performance and ride quality.
As a commuter bike, this one can be a perfect choice. Although not meant for off-road biking, this can be used for swift and efficient commute from a point to another point within the city.  If you are looking for some exercise after work or just want a bicycle for the fun of riding, this one will fit the bill perfectly. The price at which this bike is offered is more than reasonable and this one is definitely worth a try.

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