Sole Fixed Gear and Single Speed Bicycles

June 27, 2014 0

Shipping Weight: 26 pounds
Shipping: This item is ready to be shipped to select countries outside the U.S.
Origin: The origin of this article is China and the ASIN is B00J3L8982

The Sole Bicycle weighs only 26 pounds and is equipped with a light and strong frame which increases speed and leverage.  The bike is delivered 90% assembled; all you have to fit is the front tire, the handle bars and the seat; once these are done, you’re good to go. A printed and easy to follow step-by-step guide ships with the bike to offer you all the help in assembling the product.
There are two modes that you can ride the bicycle in – the Fixed gear mode and the Fixie mode.  The Fixed Gear mode has only one gear and allows for smooth rides especially for cruising along nicely paved roads or while coming down hills. The bike will not exactly cruise in the Fixie mode; it will move along as you pedal away. This way, you feel more involved with the bike and it creates a bond between you and the bi-cycle.


The  bike comes equipped with a Hi-Tensile Steel Frame along with fully welded tig and fork end dropouts; threadless Lugged Crown Fork; BMX handle bars with Oury grips; Sealed cartridge bottom brackets;170 millimetre, Alloy 48T Lasco crankset with 5 bolt chainring adds
For braking it uses Radius Dual Caliper brakes
700×23 C Innova Tires along with Double Walled Deep Fish 50 millimetre Rim, Presta valves, Black Vader soft top and the 25.4 millimetre x 300 millimetre seat post complete the package.


Sole Bicycles are not typically designed for speed. They are meant for just cruising along the road smoothly and if you’re looking for a bike which is super-fast, this is definitely not the right choice. If you’re someone who is searching for a bike which offers excellent ride quality at an affordable price, you can go for this one. This bike offers a fascinating range of colour schemes that you may choose from.

Although the bike is 90% assembled when it arrives, it might take more than the anticipated effort to set everything up and get going. Keep a close watch on the tires and the air pressure in them. The ideal tire pressure varies between 80 to 120 psi. Try to maintain the tire pressure in this range for keeping your tires safe and sane. Make sure to pump in some air once in a few weeks to ensure everything is nice and smooth. Also take proper care of the chain. If you hear any kind of squeaking sound, take your bike to the local bike shop and apply some lubricant on the chain so that it can function efficiently.

The bike is available in four different sizes and the following is a rough guide to help you choose the right size:-

Height 5’2’’ to 5’4’’         :   49 cm

Height 5’4’’ to 5’8’’          :   52 cm

Height 5’8’’ to 6’’            :    55 cm

Height > 6’                      :     59 cm

The bike comes with no rear brakes. If you need those, you will have to get them installed all by yourself or from the local bike shop.  Overall, this bike is not for hardcore bikers who are looking for shear speed. It is for those who are looking for a smooth riding experience and in terms of quality of ride, this bike will definitely impress you.

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