Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

May 30, 2012 0

Schwinn RS 5.0 Road Bike

People who are in the market for good road bikes for sale should consider the Schwinn RS road bike with 700c wheels. The bike is made to withstand the test of time. Many cyclers log 2000 miles or more on these bikes with no major repairs or maintenance required. This bike is recommended for commuters, leisure riders or fitness buffs. There may be some upgrades required, but in general, the Schwinn RS 5.0 road bike is a good purchase.


• Frame – Made of Aluminum
• Fork – Made of Carbon
• Drivetrain – Manufactured by Shimano Sora, 14-Speed
• Shifters — Manufactured by Shimano Sora
• Brakes — Manufactured by ProMax, Dual Pivot Caliper


Most people who purchase the Schwinn RS 5.0 road bike feel the bike delivers a smooth ride with minimal problems. Bikers will upgrade some components for additional comfort, safety and functionality, but the overall bike is good construction. Typically, bikers will upgrade the saddle, shifting components, the derailleurs and handlebars. Some safety features near the cassette may also require replacement. After these items are replaced or upgraded, the bike rides smoothly.

The bike is light weight and is great for achieving high speeds. Experts recommend always having extra inner tubes on hand for added safety. The inner tubes tend to puncture and deflate frequently. This may be a slight annoyance to bikers. It is best to be prepared with spares than to be caught without any spares.

For the price, most people will recommend the Schwinn RS 5.0 road bike. The bike’s construction reduces road vibrations up to 75 percent while cycling. Carbon fiber is responsible for this reduction in road vibration. Some riders comment that the mechanism used to reduce vibration almost feels as though the tires had an air reduction, but actually, it is the new technology reducing vibrations.

The assembly process is not easy for every consumer. The process took one customer three hours to complete. According to this same owner, the instructions are not clear. For this reason, a professional may be requested for the best results.

Schwinn pre-assembles only a portion of the bike. The rear wheel comes pre-assembled. Bikers are required to assemble the handlebars, pedals, saddle, front brakes and handlebar stem. After the assembly process is complete, the bike is easy to ride.

The brakes and derailleurs require some adjustments. The front brake cable is longer than normal. The cables may require trimming in this instance. Most other cables in the package are appropriately sized. People who feel uncomfortable making this adjustment should take the bike to a professional. Derailleur adjustments can be made easily by following the manual.

Overall, the Schwinn RS 5.0 road bike is recommended. The bike is durable, responsive and affordable. Most people will enjoy this bike for many years.

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