Schwinn Laguna Pro Men’s Road Bike

May 29, 2012 0

Schwinn Laguna Pro Men’s Road BikeThe Schwinn Laguna Pro Men’s road bike is recommended to people who take numerous leisure rides and long commutes. The bike is made of light weight aluminum that makes reaching high speeds easier. Lifting the bike is also easier. The frame also features some special technology to absorb shock and vibration when traveling over rough terrain. The bike features thin tires and is designed for the city streets. When looking for road bikes for sale, most people would consider and be pleased with the performance of the Schwinn Laguna Pro.


• Frame – Made of Aluminum and Carbon
• Fork – Made of Carbon and Cr-Mo Material
• Water Bottles – Two Water Bottles
• Crankset – Made of Alloy
• Pedals – Clipless Pedals
• Shifters – Manufactured by Shimano
• Front Derailleur – Manufactured by Shimano
• Rear Derailleur – Manufactured by Shimano
• Shifters – Manufactured by Shimano
• Tires – Manufactured by Schwalbe Blizzard
• Handlebar – Made of Alloy
• Chain – Manufactured by Shimano
• Seat Post – Adjustable
• Saddle – Manufactured by Selle San Marco Ponza


Schwinn Laguna Pro Men’s road bike is a good mid-range road bike with a light weight aluminum frame. Many people recommend this bike for people who will be navigating the city terrain and need more than basic components. Schwinn Laguna is made to stand up to abuse.

Since most of the components are brand name, multiple upgrades are not required. Most bikers are pleased with Shimano brand products. The saddle is manufactured by Selle San Marco Ponza. Many bikers find this selection comfortable, and others replace the saddle for a more customized fit. The choice is entirely up to the biker.

The bike is easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions. Some people choose to take the bike to professionals for adjustments and a tune up, but it is not required if the bike is mechanically-inclined. Regular maintenance will be required. Experts recommend keeping extra inner tubes and a bike pump on hand at all times to handle flats.

The bike may also require a bottle cage also. This is necessary to keep bikers hydrated during their commute or exercise regimen. Some people prefer to have two bottle cages for added safety and protection against dehydration.

Overall, the Schwinn Laguna Pro Men’s road bike is recommended. To find road bicycles for sale, a local bike shop or is recommended. The bike ships to the customer partially assembled. Once assembled, the bike only requires some basic adjustments. People in the market for a bike will find this bike is a good alternative for the mid-tier range.

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