Schwinn Katana Road Bike

May 30, 2012 0

Schwinn Katana Road Bike

The Schwinn Katana road bike is recommended for commuters, leisure riders or fitness gurus. The bike can meet all activity levels within reason. The bike delivers a smooth ride that will not disappoint even the most skeptical biker. Since aluminum and alloy frame bikes are in high demand, many people do not want to spend thousands on a bike that may be stolen. The Schwinn Katana is a great bike that if stolen will not have a significant impact on the budget. Furthermore, it is not visually attractive to thieves. If you are searching for road bikes for sale, look online to compare the Schwinn Katana with its competitors.


• Drivetrain – Manufactured by Shimano, 14-Speed
• Rear Derailleur – Allows for Quick and Easy Shifting
• Frame – Made of Alloy with an Aero
• Wheels – Made of Alloy
• Crankset – Manufactured by Tru-Vativ IsoFlow, Lightweight


Schwinn Katana is built to last. Many owners have put several thousand miles on a bicycle without performing any major maintenance on the bike. The shipping and assembly process are both easy. Though the assembly requires most to read the instructions, the assembly process is not difficult to ascertain.

People who are not mechanically-inclined or prefer intuitive assembly processes will prefer to take the bike to a professional for adjustments. Common adjustments include brake adjustments and derailleurs adjustments. Some bikers may also allow professionals to replace the pedals with clipless pedals. Some bikers may also want to add a kickstand. This component is not standard on all bikes. Professionals are also recommended for periodic maintenance.

The Schwinn Katana is a light weight bike that is easy to lift for storage or in other situations. The bike is well-constructed and every joint of the body is seamlessly welded together. The bike is visually appealing. The paint and coloring is impressive blue gunmetal. This is one of the most popular colors for the bike. This color turns heads and receives ample compliments. The blue metal flecks capture the sunlight and create a show for the people watching the cycler pass by.

Overall, the bike is a good investment. Most people enjoy this bike in numerous situations. Consider how Schwinn Katana can help you in your commuting or exercise efforts. The bike is versatile and can be found in numerous environments. If you are in the market for road bicycles for sale, compare the Schwinn Katana to its competitors. Most people will not be disappointed.

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