Retrospec Mantra

August 14, 2014 0

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle with Sealed Bearing Hubs and Headlamp


The Retrospect Mantra is a fixie style bicycle ideal for city rides. This model has recently gone through several upgrades most significant of which are the sealed cartridge bearing hubs. These upgraded bearing hubs ensure smooth ride quality as well as provide durability resulting in increased life span for the wheels. This bike is ideal for commuting within the city or campus rides and with its simplistic feature and innovative design, it delivers an enjoyable and hassle-free ride quality. It features a flip-flop rear hub which allows riding in fixed gear as well as single speed mode. This bike ships with a hand crafted TIG welded hi-tensile steel frame which facilitates urban riding. Some of the other notable upgrades of this bike are the Kenda Kwest tires, pedals with FGFS straps, integrated seat post and free headlamp.  The bike is offered at a price point which is unrivalled. All the components of this bike have been judiciously chosen keeping mind the performance as well as the cost. At the end of the day, all these factors add up in making a superb bicycle which delivers the ultimate value for your money.

Retrospec Mantra comes with
Hand crafted TIG Welded Hi-Tensile Steel Frameset which makes the ;ight as well as strong and also facilitates urban riding
Alloy Promax Radius Lever Brakes (Front)\
Kenda Commuter Tires 700×23
TIG Welded Fork (Threadless)
Alloy Promax Stem
Alloy Forged Crankset (3 piece, 46T, 165 millimetre arms)
Neco Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket
BMX Style Platform Pedals with Straps
Alloy Double Walled Rims (32-hole) with Stainless Steel Spokes
Retrospec Sealed Cartridge Front Hub
Retrospec Sealed Cartridge Rear Flip-flop Hub with Fixed Gear (16T) and Freewheel
Alloy Seatclamp (Integrated)
Alloy Seatpost (25.4)
Front Headlamp with Flashing Feature
Kraton Rubber Grips

The Retrospect Mantra is a fixie style bike appropriate for commuting within the city. Theme of this bike is simplicity. It comes with a steel frame which makes it weigh slightly heavier compared to its aluminium counterparts. Although the bike is a bit on the heavier side, the weight is perfectly manageable. Ride quality offered by this bike quite smooth and enjoyable. It ships with flip-flops rear hub which allows fixie as well as single speed modes of riding and riding the bike in either mode is fun.
The tires of this bike are extremely thin and wear out very quickly. If you are planning to put in some significant miles with this bike, it is best to have the tires replaced with a thicker set in order to get the best out of the bike. The seat is also not as comfortable as you would have expected it to be. This bike does not ship assembled and if you have not done something like this before and do not feel confident about assembly, make sure you take it to your local bike shop to have it assembled.
Overall, the bike performs well and can certainly be considered as one of the options if you are looking for a single speed / fixie city commuter bicycle that can be used for commuting within the city, fitness riding or just for cruising along the town or city streets. However, it is strongly recommended to explore other bikes in this category to find out which one suits you the best and then arrive at a choice.

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