Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Urban Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike

May 29, 2012 0

Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Urban Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike

People who are looking for road bikes for sale will find the Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Urban Fixed Gear single-speed urban road bike is one of the best available. The bike is durable and is made to withstand the abuses of everyday life. Many owners of the Retrospec Fixie have few problems, and the bikes require little maintenance. The Retrospec Fixie is customizable and can be upgraded to meet the biker’s individual needs. The bike is also affordable and made of high quality materials.


• Wheels – Double-walled
• Crankset – Three-Piece
• Tires – Manufactured by CST, High-Performance
• Grips – Kraton Rubber
• Chains – Manufactured by KMC
• Weight – 25 Pounds
• Handlebars – BMX-style, Flat Handlebars
• Pedals – Pedals with Toe Straps
• Brakes – Radius Type
• Bearing Hubs – KT High-Flange and Sealed
• Frame – Made of Steel


The Retrospec Fixie Beta is as visually appealing as it is functional. The chrome and white together is an excellent combination. Some of the bikes even come equipped with colored wheels, seats and even handlebars. The color choices allow bikers to personalize the Retrospec Fixie and make it distinguishable from other bikes on the road.

As bikers glide through the area, they will be noticed. White is also ideal for night biking, or biking in inclement weather. Many people comment favorably about every aspect of the bike design.

The frame is light weight and carefully constructed. The different pieces of the bike are welded together seamlessly. Because of the exceptional construction, the bike absorbs shock well and delivers a smooth ride. Some customers remark that the “sealed bearing hubs” increase the comfort of the ride.

Most customers enjoy the CST tires and rarely upgrade to better tires. This saves customers money. Though the bike is fully customizable, it is nice to know that a significant amount of upgrades is not required.

Some customers use the bike as an alternative to other racing bikes. Retrospec Fixie Beta is responsive and has the sturdy steel frame that reduces vibration in the ride. When climbing hills, the fixed gear bike seems to hold up fairly well. The bike also performs well on flatter city streets. Commuters, racers and leisure riders can all equally enjoy the Retrospec Fixie Beta.

For the price, bikers receive numerous features. Most owners of the Retrospec Fixie Beta are pleased with their purchase. When you begin your search for road bicycles for sale, consider the Retrospec Fixie as one of your selections.

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