Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Skunk Fixed-Gear

May 29, 2012 0

The Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Skunk Fixed-GearThe Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Skunk fixed-gear, single-speed urban road bike is characteristically named The Skunk because of its sleek black and white frame. Each wheel is featured in a different color. One black wheel and one white wheel is the most common color combination for obvious reasons. Everyone notices The Skunk as it travels through the urban jungle. Most people are intrigued by its impressive styling and vast color selection. If you are in search of road bikes for sale, there are few that possess The Skunk’s visual appeal and affordability.



• Wheels – Double-Walled V Wheels
• Cranksets – Three Piece Cranks
• Tires – CST High Performance
• Grips – Kraton Rubber
• Handlebars – Riser-Style
• Chains – KMC
• Brakes – Front and Rear, Radius Style
• Pedals – Pedals with Toe Cages
• Grips – Retrospec Kraton Rubber
• Frame – Steel Frame


The Skunk is a basic bike that will require some upgrades to get to optimal condition. Many people who purchase the bike add upgrades such as water bottle cages, new seats and other components. Water bottle cages are added to ensure bikers remain hydrated.

The assembly process is easy and the instructions are easy to follow. The non-mechanically inclined are advised to allow the local bike shop to assemble the bike. This investment is worth the expense to ensure the bike is safe for travel at high speeds.

The bike is lightweight and visually appealing. The Skunk only weighs 25 pounds and can be easily lifted overhead for storage or to carry through a crosswalk. The bike is flexible and affordable. Many people request The Skunk for its affordability. The value received is tremendous.

The bike is sturdy and has minimal vibration as the bike is traveling at high speeds. Most people recommend The Skunk for its high-performance tires that enable cyclers to reach these high speeds. The tires are durable and also add to the visual appeal of the bike.

Radius brakes and toe cages are featured for safety. The brakes are responsive. Few people must replace them immediately. Some bikers will replace them for peace of mind. The toe cages keep the biker’s feet from slipping at high speeds.

Overall, The Skunk is recommended by people of all age groups. Since it is a single-speed bike, riders do not have to worry about gear changes during the cycling process. This helps cyclers considerably. Consider The Skunk for a future bike purchase.


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