Navi FX-A Single Speed Road Bike (54 centimetres)

August 19, 2014 0

Navi FX-A Aluminum Alloy (Matte BlackRed) fixie fixed gear road bike 540mm

Navi FX-A is a fixed gear road bike which offers a complete package of style, comfort and performance. In order to keep the bike as light as possible, it has been equipped with an aluminium frame. The aluminium frame not only keeps the weight of the bike in check but also makes it robust. The aluminium fork of this bike does a quality job in absorbing the hits and bumps off the road and offers a quite smooth and enjoyable ride experience. Like most bikes in this segment, the Navi FX-A comes with a rear flip-flop hub which facilitates a dual riding mode: fixed gear and fixie mode and riding this bike in either mode is an enjoyable experience. The alloy caliper brakes of this bike offer ample braking power to stop the bike in time and work well under all conditions. 700c deep rims of this bike offer durability and strength while its Velcro saddle ensures a comfortable ride. This bike is perfect for commuting within the city limits, fitness rides or just for coasting along your town or city streets and if you are looking for a high a performance single speed/fixie road bike, this can be your ideal choice.

The Navi FX-A Fixed Gear Bike comes equipped with
Aluminium frame which makes the bike light as well as strong.
Aluminium frame which does a fantastic job in absorbing the hits and bumps off the road and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride quality.
700c deep rims (43 millimetres) which offer strength and endurance.
Sealed Bearing Front and Rear Joytech Hubs
Rear Hub with Flip-flop feature which makes it extremely easy to switch between the fixie and single speed mode.
Velcro Saddle which ensures a comfortable ride.
Wellgo Alloy pedals.
Aluminum Alloy Brake Levers and Calipers.

Navi FX-A is a single speed road bike which is ideal for commuting, exercising and campus rides. This bike comes with simplistic features and quite easy to handle. The aluminium frame of the bike makes it sufficiently light whereas its aluminium fork ensures a smooth ride quality.
This bike does not ship fully assembled and the handlebar, the wheels, the pedals and the saddle needs to be put in place. Assembling the bike is fairly easy. However, if you do not feel confident, make sure you take it to your local bike shop on order to get it rolling. The brakes of this bike fail to impress and there is a lot of scope for improvement. The pedals are also quite low end. In order to get the most out of the bike, it is best to have the brakes as well as the pedals upgraded.
Overall, the bike performs well and has the ability to serve as a solid and reliable commuter. The price point of this bike also looks reasonable. However, there is a plethora of options available in this range and it is strongly recommended that you evaluate the alternatives before you arrive at a choice.

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