Nashbar Ram Single-Speed Road Bike

July 29, 2014 0

Nashbar Ram Single-Speed Road Bike

Nashbar Ram Single Speed is a single speed road bicycle which could be used for commuting, exercising or just cruising along the city or town streets. The bike has all the elements of a reliable machine and it delivers a power-packed performance. The bike comes equipped with a High-Tensile steel frame and fork which give it kind of a retro feel. The fork does an excellent job in absorbing the hits and bumps off the road and offers an extremely smooth and enjoyable ride quality. The Tektro R317 series brakes provide ample braking power to stop the bike in time while the Alex R500 series rims come with the promise of strength and durability. This bike offers to you a complete package of style, comfort and durability coupled with a fun ride experience and if you are looking for a simple and high-performance road bike within a small budget, you will not find any better option than this one.

The Nashbar Ram Single Speed Road Bike comes equipped with a High-Tensile Steel Frameset built with Track Geometry; High-Tensile Steel Fork; Neko 1-1/8th Steel Crankset (Threadless); Square Tapered Bottom Bracket; Tektro RL721 Levers; 31.8 millimetre Clamp; 18T Cassette; Tektro R317 Brakes; Formula TH50/51 Hubs; Alex R500 Rims; Kenda K-176 Tires (700×28); Alloy Platform Pedals; Alloy 27.2 millimetre Seatpost; Velo VL-1205 Saddle; KMC Z410A 1/2 inch x 1/8 inch Chain and Velo Cotton Ribbon Tapes.

The Nashbar single speed is a simplistic single speed road bike which can be used for commuting within the city, exercising or just for cruising along the paved town or city streets. The bike is fairly light and easy to handle. The ride quality offered is extremely smooth and riding it is immense fun. It comes with Tektro R317 brakes which function quite well and have the ability to bring the bike to a quick halt. The bike looks quite impressive with its slick and stylish looks and it certainly attracts some attention.
Now to the downsides of this bike: the chain has a tendency of making a squeaking sound after you put in a few miles and you will have to lubricate the chain in order to get rid of this annoying noise.  The saddle is not exactly top quality and the pedals and the wheels of this bike is quite cheap. If you plan to ride the bike hard, you might want to get those replaced with better ones.
Overall, the bike performs well and succeeds as a city commuter bike. The bike offers speed, endurance and style coupled with superior comfort and stability and riding this one is immense fun. The price tag associated with this bike is extremely reasonable and if you are looking for a bike for commuting within the city and for occasional long rides, this one can be your perfect companion.

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