Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

May 29, 2012 0

Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike

The Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike is ideal for beach-goers. The bike is durable, comfortable, affordable and stylish. People who purchase the Kent Dual Drive Tandem Comfort Bike will have the bike for numerous years thanks to its solid construction. The saddle is comfortable for leisure riding and for long distances. The saddles are made of soft gel for maximum comfort. If you are in the market for road bikes for sale, consider the Kent Tandem road bike. It will provide hours of comfortable cycling enjoyment.


• Saddle – Soft Gel Seats
• Shifters – Manufactured by Revo, Twist-type Shifters
• Drivetrain – 21-Speed, Manufactured by Shimano
• Brakes – Made of Alloy, Linear
• Tires – 2.1-inches
• Water Holders – Two Water Bottle Holders
• Kickstand – Heavy-Duty
• Wheels – Lightweight, Made of Alloy Material


If you are in the market for road bicycles for sale and want to spend quality time with another person, consider the Kent Dual Tandem Comfort Bike. The bike is easy to assemble and adjust. As long as the instructions are followed, the bike can be successfully assembled at home. People who do not have any mechanical inclination may want to have the bike assembled and adjusted by a professional. Professional assembly will ensure Kent Tandem is operating in optimal condition.

Some replacements may be required to make the bike more festive and visually appealing. Many users will install cargo racks on the rear of the bike to haul packages and other items. Fenders may be installed to prevent water from splashing on bikers during inclement weather. Rear view mirrors are preferred by many tandem bikers to avoid turning around and causing a crash.

For fun, bikers may add bells and streamers. Many people think this makes the bike more visually appealing. Bells and streamers are also functional. These components improve visibility and let others know when bikers are in their path.

Many people require seat replacement also. Some people are fine with the comfort level of the seat and some are not. Each biker will have to assess the comfort level to determine if replacement is necessary. Brakes on the Kent Tandem are also responsive and do not require replacement for most people. Some people will replace the brakes for peace of mind.

The Kent Tandem is fairly light weight and is designed for leisure biking rather than racing. Most people can ride for miles on the Kent Tandem and require little maintenance or repair. Overall, the bike offers a good value for the investment. People considering tandem bicycles for sale should inquire about the Kent Tandem. The bike is affordable and fun for most people who have tried tandem cycling.

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