Hollandia Oma City Bicycle

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Hollandia Oma City BicycleThe Hollandia Oma Citi is a commuter bicycle which can serve as your perfect companion during campus rides, getting to work or exercising. It is a solid and reliable bike which offers a smooth, comfortable and unique ride experience. It comes with a TIG welded steel frame which makes the bike strong and durable. Features like side stand and its unique style gives the bike a retro feel. This bike comes with caliper brakes in front and coaster brakes on rear. Together, the braking system of this bike provides enough braking force to stop the bike smoothly. The bike comes with fenders and a rear mounted rack which facilitates carrying. It comes with headlights which enable you to work your way through dark or dimly lit streets. This bike is an ideal commuter which offers to you a complete package of reliability, style, agility and endurance under a small budget and if you are looking for a solid commuter bicycle which can be used under all conditions, this is one of the best options available at this price.

Release date April 1, 2011.

The Hollandia Oma Citi comes with
Hi-Tensile Steel Frame which makes the bike strong to handle any kind of condition and makes the bike more durable.
Front Caliper and Rear Coaster Brakes which work equally well under all conditions and offer ample braking power to stop the bike in time.
Fenders to stop water and mud.
Rear Dutch style rack to facilitate carrying.
Headlamp to facilitate riding through dimly lit or dark roads.
The Hollandia Oma Citi is pure commuter bicycle. From the design of the bike to its look and feel, everything about it is suggestive of this fact. To facilitate carrying, it is equipped with a rear rack. It also comes with a headlamp which makes riding at nights safer and easier. This bike comes with a steel frame which makes it strong as well as durable. This bike is ideal as a commuter and the ride quality offered is quite smooth and enjoyable.
The weight of the bike is a bit on the heavier side and it is quite bulky. As a result, if you are below 5’6’’, it is strongly recommended to do a test ride to decide whether it suits you or not.  Operating this bike is extremely simple and it does not come with any gears. As a result, in case you are riding uphill, you will have to adjust your riding style accordingly in order to avoid walking. The bike does not ship assembled and if you have not assembled a bike before, it can be really tough assembling this one. It is best to take it to your local bike shop to get it up and running.
Overall, the bike performs well and succeeds in flying colours as a commuter bicycle. Although the bike is a bit on the heavier side and quite bulky, the ride quality it offers is quite smooth. What makes this bike an excellent option and more appealing is its price which is more than reasonable. As a commuter, this bike is solid and reliable and it certainly delivers more that you invest on it.

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