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March 9, 2012 1

Road Bikes For Sale

There are numerous road bikes for sale in the mid-tier price range. The GMC Denali Pro Road Bike is constructed with high-quality materials such as lightweight aluminum. The bicycle can reach high speeds and stop in some of the shortest times in the price range. Many consumers searching for road bikes for sale will find the GMC Denali meeting most of their requirements.

GMC Denali Pro Road Bike is made by the same company as GMC trucks. The 16-speed Microshift drivetrain features integrated brake and shift levers for easy shifting. The GMC Denali can also handle rough terrain. Budget bikers searching for road bikes for sale will appreciate the Denali Pro.



• Frame – Aluminum Frame 22 inches
• Drivetrain – 16-Speed Microshift Drivetrain
• Brakes – Dual-Pivot Brake System, Integrated Brake and Shift Levers
• Rims – Aluminum Rims, Stainless-steel Spokes, 700c
• Height Range – Five Feet and Nine Inches to Six Feet and One Inch


Many customers have compared the GMC Denali Pro Road Bike to other bikes and have drawn conclusions about the quality of the ride. The bike is constructed in China and has to be one of the most affordable road bikes for sale in its class. Compared to the higher quality carbon fiber bikes, the GMC Denali Pro seem to be quite competitive, according to road bike review.

The design of the bike makes it possible to reach incredible speeds. The frame and wheelbase have been maximized to provide the best ride possible. After one consumer rode the bike 1500 miles, there were no major repairs required. In one trip, bikers have successfully ridden the bike 110 miles with no problems.

The handlebars are slightly smaller than its competitors because of the steel fork. Conventional bending handlebars are featured and are preferred on this bike. The kickstand also works well and is of high quality. Clipless pedals are recommended for safety and better performance. GMC Denali Pro currently features toe-clip pedals. Dual pivot side-pull brakes have incredible stopping power.

The Microshift drivetrain operates smoothly after owners made modifications to the device. Road bikes for sale often feature the Shimano Sora STI. The GMC Denali Pro has a drivetrain as smooth as this or better, according to road bike review. Some customers complained of the additional length on the cable housing. The extra three inches is ineffective design. Many consumers had to trim the cable housing by three inches to improve the shifting capabilities.

The brake lever does not rotate, but it can be adjusted via a button and lever. The Microshift brake lever is somewhat more secure than the Shimano. So, many people prefer the GMC Denali Pro Road Bike. The front derailleur levers are typically Shimano. This is better for most bikers.

In high gear, bikers can reach speeds up to 32 miles per hour. In low gear, bikers can climb hills with up to six percent grade. This makes the bike one the better choices in terms of mid-tier bikes for sale. Flats are common on the GMC Denali Pro because of the cheap rubber on the OEM rim strip. The tube pushes through the wheel holes and flats occur, according to road bike review.

The Kenda tires can only withstand a maximum pressure of 90 PSI. Many cyclers upgrade to 115 PSI tires for a smoother ride. The GMC Denali Pro is heavier than most mid-tier road bikes for sale. The bike weighs 27 pounds. The weight can be reduced by changing some parts.

Customer Thoughts:

The GMC Denali Pro is often mistaken for more expensive road bicycles for sale. Many consumers feel the bike could be more attractive if the black spoke protector is removed and replaced with a more appealing protector. People may notice the bike is less expensive than other road bikes because of the pants protector located on the crankset. Many consumers upgrade to an aluminum crankset to improve the appearance.

A local bike shop mechanic is recommended for assembly. They know how road bikes are constructed and are skilled at making the proper modifications. Most people are not happy with self-assembled GMC Denali Pro road bikes. Since the cable housing has to be shortened, the hubs adjusted, the brakes adjusted and the rim strips changed, a bike mechanic is probably the best person for the job.

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