Framed Lifted Drop Bar Bike

July 13, 2014 0

Framed Lifted Drop Bar Bike
Simplicity has been the theme for many of the offerings by Framed and the Framed Lifted Drop Bar Bike continues that legacy. This bike is an ideal city commuter and can be used for cruising along the town streets. The ride quality offered is extremely smooth and enjoyable. It comes with a Hi-Tensile steel frameset which makes the bike robust. The steel fork does a nice job in handling the unexpected bumps off the road. The bike tries to make riding as much fun as possible. Getting flat tires can be extremely annoying and can be a major spoiler. To cope with this, the bike is equipped with Kenda K-193 Kwest K-shield puncture resistant tires. The bike can be ridden in single speed or fixie mode and both the modes offer excellent ride quality. The bike has a slick and stylish look which attracts a lot of attention. If you are looking for a simple city commuter bike which offers to you a supreme and hassle-free riding experience and comes with in a small budget, this one is one of your best options.

The bike comes with Hi-Tensile Steel Frameset; Framed Sealed BB Bottom Bracket; Press-in  1/8th Headset; Coaster Brakes; Kenda K-193 Kwest K-Shield Puncture proof tires (700×28); Framed Race Bar Rap Black Grip; Framed Alloy Handlebar ( 420 millimetre/ 138 millimetre Drop);Framed Alloy A-head Stem ( 4-bolt, ext:90 millimetre); Framed Bronze Series Saddle; Framed Straight Alloy Seatpost (300 millimetre); Framed 1/8 inches x 46Tx170 millimetre Crankset; Framed 46t Steel Chainring; Framed Deep v 700C Alloy Rims (36h); Alloy Front Hub; 16t Coaster Steel Rear Hub;

This is another offering by Framed where simplicity is the theme. This bike by Framed is an ideal city commuter and offers a very pleasant and smooth ride experience. This bike is ideal for coasting along the city or town streets or for commuting within the city. The bicycle features a steel frame which gives it a retro feel. The fork of this bike is also made of steel and does a fine job in handling the undulations on the road. There are two modes in the bike – fixie and single speed and riding in both the modes is immense fun.
This bike does not ship assembled. Although it is very easy to assemble it, you might face a bit of challenge if you are doing something like this for the first time. In case you face any trouble during assembly, it is best to take it to your local bike shop. One disappointing thing about the bike, like its cousins, is the low end saddle and pedals. The pedals are quite cheap and low end and the saddle is not comfortable at all. You might have to replace those before you start riding it.
This bike by Framed is another city commuter in the bunch of similar sort of bikes offered by Framed. The ride quality offered is smooth and the price is reasonable. Make sure you check the other bikes before buying this one as there are very similar bikes with slightly different specs on offer by Framed in the same price range.


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