Framed Journey Men’s Bike Black/Yellow/White 21in

June 28, 2014 0

The Framed Journey Men’s bike is a top-notch entry level bike that can be used for commuting, exercise or hitting the tracks. Equipped with an alloy frame and a steel fork for making the bike robust and light, this one weighs only 30 pounds and is extremely easy to handle.  The Shimano brake levers work really well. Even if you are having small hands, you will never get the feel of reaching out your fingers to get to the livers. The quick release feature on the seat makes it extremely convenient to adjust the seat height according to your comfort levels. The Shimano 7 speed shifters do a really nice job and make it ready for different terrains.

The bike comes equipped with alloy 700C x 28C, TIG welded frame (frame sizes 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches);700C TIG welded steel rigid fork and steel steerer tube; A-head set; sealed bottom bracket; 3/32 inches x 44T x 170 millimetres steel black chain; steel low ride handlebar and Ergo grips.
The Shimano 7 speed shifters allow for smooth and hassle-free shifting and front and rear steel v precision brakes provide shear braking power with superior control and stability
The other components like alloy A-head 4 bolt stem (Ext: 90 millimetres);Steel 14gx36H front and rear hubs; 14G rigid steel spokes; Shimano shift levers; 700C alloy 14G x 36 H rims (single walled); 700Cx28C tires with Butyl tubes; silver alloy front and rear brake levers with plastic black brackets complete the bike.

The brand new Frame Journey Men’s bike comes with Shimano 7 speed shifters and Shimano derailleurs. The shifting is really fast and smooth. The alloy frame of the bike is robust and light at the same time and helps to make the bike more agile and easy to handle. The bike weighs only 30 pounds and has the ability of clocking some fairly high speeds. Both the front and the rear tires are puncture resistant – certainly a good news if you are planning to take it off the road . The bike has a slick and attractive look which is definitely a plus point.
The bike is delivered 85% assembled and assembly should not be a problem at all if you have already done something like this before. The bike might require some tuning up before you hit the road; try to take it to the local bike shop to get it checked and make sure all is well.
The bike is brand new and the reviews are still pouring in. From the initial looks and the list of components used, it looks a like a bike which can do fairly well. The components have been carefully chosen keeping in mind the weight and performance. The price is reasonable and the features available in this price range are really great. From an aesthetic point of view, the looks of the bike are really attractive and it is really worth giving a try.

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