Framed Elite 1.0 CT Men’s Bike Silver/White/Black 17in

July 3, 2014 0

If you are looking for a bike to get into cycling or looking for an affordable and efficient commuter for getting to your workplace, the Framed Elite 1.0 CT offers you the perfect package. Framed has an exceptional and versatile collection of entry level bikes and this one certainly is one of the best being offered. It comes with an alloy frameset with a steel fork and this makes the bike weigh only 30 pounds! Being light has its advantages- the bike is extremely handy. Shimano shifters live up to their reputation and allows for seamless and smooth shifting. Steel front and rear brakes offer precision braking with excellent control. Each component of this bike has been carefully chosen to optimize the performance and the bike delivers a power-packed performance. Coming with a staggeringly low price tag, this bike certainly offers you the biggest & loudest bang for your bucks.

The bike comes with the following components :  TIG Welded Alloy Frame (700Cx35C, 17 inches, 19 inches and 21 inches) ; 700C Steel Rigid Fork (TIG Welded) with Steel Steerer Tube ; Sealed BB Bottom Bracket; Steel Black Chainring and Cranks ( 3 by 32 inches x 28/38/48T x 170 millimetres ); Z50 Chain and Steel Low-rise Handlebar (width 600 millimetres and rise 30 millimetres); Alloy Adjustable 4-Bolt Stem; Ergo Grips; Steel Front and Rear Hubs (14Gx36H); Steel spokes(14G); Shimano Front and Rear (7-speed) Derailleurs; 700C Alloy Single-walled rims (14Gx36H); 700Cx35C Tires with Butyl Tubes; Steel v Front and Rear Brakes; Alloy Silver Front and Rear Brake Levers with Plastic Black Brackets; Alloy Suspension Seatpost (300 millimetres) and CPSC Standard Front and Rear Reflectors.

Framed Elite 1.0 CT is an entry level 7-speed bike which can be used for riding, commuting or getting some exercise. Equipped with an alloy frame, the bike is quite light and nimble. The steel fork does a nice job in handling the unexpected undulations of the road. The ride quality offered is quite smooth. The Shimano shifters do a good job and allows for smooth and seamless shifting. The bike is appropriate for city use and serves the purpose of an efficient and affordable commuter.
The bike is shipped 85% assembled and the rest has to be set up by you. If you have not done anything like this before, it might not be easy for you and in that case, it is best to take it to your local bike shop.
Before you start to use it, you might want to tune the derailleur. The saddle is not as comfortable as one would like it to be; they are just OK. You might also think of getting the saddle replaced.
Overall, the bike performs well and if you are looking for a simple commuter for cruising along the town or city streets, this one can be a good choice.

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