EG Fixed Gear Series I

July 29, 2014 0

EG Fixed Gear Series I

EG Fixed Gear is a single speed bike which has the ability to be the ideal city commuter bicycle. Lightweight and handy, this bike offers a smooth and fun ride experience. Coming with a light weight and sturdy hi-tensile steel frame, this bike is extremely strong. Ride quality is a very important aspect for any commuter bike and this one delivers a smooth and hassle-free ride experience which can be attributed to its alloy fork which does an excellent job in absorbing the hits and bumps off the road. This bike is ideal for coasting along your city or town streets and it also has the ability to be your reliable companion for occasional rides. The bike has a stylish and elegant look which is certainly here to impress you and draw a lot of attention. The bike offers to you  a complete package of reliability, style and a fun ride experience at an unrivalled price which makes this one quite a deal.

The EG Fixed Gear Series I comes equipped with a 53 millimetre Hi-Ten Steel Frame; Hi-Ten Steel Fork (700C); ShunFeng Sealed Bearing Alloy Hubs; Feimin Alloy Pedals; Alloy Rims (50 millimetre); 700x 23 C Tires; 14G Stainless Steel Spokes; Neco Forged Alloy Head Part; Alloy Stem (60 millimetre, 10 o); 500 millimetre x 22.2 x2.0 Winged Alloy Handlebar; Radius Alloy Brake Lever; Radius Caliper Alloy Front and Rear Brakes; 300 millimetre x 25.4 Alloy Seatpost; Alloy Seatpost Clamp; EG Racing Saddle; Steel Freewheel; Alloy /Steel EG Cranks; Neco Sealed BB Axle and KMC Steel Chain.

The EG Fixed Gear Series I is a single speed city commuter bike with simplistic features. The bike comes with a steel frameset and fork. The fork does its job well and ensures a smooth ride quality. The steel frame makes the bike strong but it also makes the bike a bit heavy.  Alloy rims of this bike are durable and the tires function well.
Although the brakes and the saddle could have been a lot better, as a commuter bike, this one definitely succeeds in flying colours.  The ride position offered by this bike is extremely comfortable. The set of components used in this bike function well and each component does its job quite well adding to the performance of this bike. It has all the qualities of a good city commuter bicycle and offers a complete package of comfort, performance and durability coupled with style. The bike has a unique appearance and looks stylish and elegant.
The ride quality is quite enjoyable and the price point at which this bike is available is quite reasonable. If you are looking for a reliable bike which comes at a modest price and can be use for commuting, campus rides, exercising or just cruising along your paved city/town streets, this can be your perfect choice.

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