ECOSMO Road Racing Bike (21-speed Shimano)

August 13, 2014 0

ECOSMO 700C Ecosmo Road Racing Bike 21 Speed Shimano

ECOSMO Road Racing bicycle is another offering by ECOSMO. This bike has been designed as an entry level road bike which targets those who are looking for a high-performance reliable road bicycle to get into biking. It is also ideal for those who want a road bike which can be used for commuting, fitness riding and occasional weekend rides. It comes with a hi-tensile steel frame and fork. Shimano derailleurs along with Shimano shifters make up the gearing system of this bike. Reason for choosing Shimano components is their brilliant and flawless track record and they prove their worth once again in this bike. Gearing is smooth, precise, fast and efficient. The 21-speed gear range of this bike makes this one ready to scale any kind of terrain with utmost ease. Pivot brakes of this bike provide sheer braking force and work equally well in wet and slippery conditions. Clad in black, this bike’s killer looks are certainly pretty impressive. This bike comes to you offering a complete package of speed, style, performance and reliability and the price point at which this bike is available combined with its features make it stand out from the lot.


  • The ECOSMO Road Racing bike comes with a Hi-Tensile steel frame (20 inches) which makes this bike extremely tough.
  • Shimano derailleurs and shifters of this bike offer a 21-speed gear range and allow smooth, precise and lightening fast gear shifting.
  • 700x23C thin tires ready to take on the rough road.
  • Lightweight aluminium rim which offer strength and durability
  • Steel hubs
  • Pivot brakes which have sheer braking force on offer and allow precision braking with superior stability and control while braking at high speeds.
  • Adjustable seat (84 to 100 centimetres)
  • Handlebar (84 centimetres) which offers a comfortable ride position.

The ECOSMO road racing bicycle is an entry level road bike by ECOSMO. This bike comes with a steel frameset. It weighs around 14 kilograms which is pretty steep for a racing bicycle. Although the bike quite easy to handle, a couple of pounds lesser would have worked to its advantage. Ride quality of this bike is quite smooth and this means it can also be used for commuting.
Assembling this bike should not be a problem as it ships 80% assembled. However, if you have not done anything like this before and do not feel confident, feel free to take it to your local bike shop to get it assembled. The gears and the brakes are not well tuned out of the box and need to be tuned before you start to ride the bike. The tires are pretty low end which is hardly a surprise for bikes in this category. The wheels also have a tendency of going out of alignment pretty often.
Overall, this bike looks alright. As a racing bike, it has the capability of clocking some fairly high speeds. The riding position is very comfortable and the ride experience offered is quite smooth. Replace the tires, upgrade the pedals and tune up the gears and the brakes and this bike is as good as they come. The price seems fairly reasonable and it certainly delivers the value for your money.

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