Diamondback 2012 Podium 1 Road Bike

May 29, 2012 0

Diamondback 2012 Podium 1 Road Bike White

Avid cyclers and racers will be pleased with the performance of Diamondback 2012 Podium One road bike. The quality is exceptional, and the bike is a good investment. Diamondback Podium One is recommended for longer commutes, exercise or other recreational use. The bike is so comfortable that many people have used the bike for club rides and benefit rides. Diamondback Podium One is light weight and reaches fast speeds. If you are in the market for road bikes for sale, the Diamondback 2012 is recommended for cyclers of all types.


• Frame – Made of Alloy Material
• Fork – Made of Alloy Material
• Crankset – “FSA Tempo Triple”
• Shifters – Manufactured by Shimano, Eight Speeds
• Front Derailleur – Manufactured by Shimano
• Rear Derailleur – Manufactured by Shimano
• Brake Levers – Manufactured by Shimano
• Brakes – Manufactured by Tektro
• Handlebar – Drop Bar
• Pedals – Manufactured by Wellgo Road, Toe Clip
• Spokes – Stainless Steel


The Diamondback Podium One is designed to deliver high speeds and is ideal for racing. The shifters are premium quality and allow for smooth rides on any terrain. The bike is designed to handle hills with ease. Because the bike is built for racing, the brakes are high quality and responsive. Some people may replace the brakes for added security, but in general, the brakes are in good condition. Tektro dual pivot brakes are featured on all standard bikes.

The Diamondback Podium One is made of high-quality and light weight materials. Alloy is used for the fork and the frame. The frame also features light weight aluminum. The bike is visually appealing with white reflective paint. The stainless steel spokes are durable and also visually appealing. As the bike is racing over terrain, bikers can look good while enjoying a comfortable ride.

The bike features an advanced technology called Enhanced Performance Geometry. This allows the bike to perform at optimal speeds with minimal vibration. The alloy steerer, included with the Carbon Podium fork, helps to increase stability of the bike and the ride.

Most people do not have to replace components on this bike. Most components on the bike are higher-quality. Bikers can expect Shimano and Tektro parts instead of factory-standard parts. For instance, the derailleurs are made by Shimano and the brakes are made by Tektro.

Consider the Diamondback Podium One road bike as an all-around good performing bike. Since the bike has multiple uses, cyclers have flexibility in its use. The bike will last for numerous years after the initial assembly and adjustments. Diamondback Podium One is one of the better road bicycles for sale.

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