Caraci CBF1AL53OR Aluminum Frame Fixed Gear Bike

July 1, 2014 0

The Caraci CBF1AL53OR is a foldable bike which you can serve as the perfect commuter for you. If you have been hesitating to get a bike because your workplace is too far for commuting daily by a bike, a foldable bike is your perfect solution and The Caraci CBF is definitely one of your best options. Its unique design makes it very easy to fold and unfold it and it consumes very little place. Another important aspect of a foldable bike is its weight.  Equipped with an Aluminium frameset, the bike is extremely light and can easily be carried when folded. Being light also makes it extremely easy to handle. The ride quality offered is extremely smooth and this bike offers to you a complete package of performance, portability, style and durability with an affordable price tag.

The Caraci CBF comes with an Alluminium Alloy Frame (700c, 53 centimetres); Alloy Fork; Alloy Stem and Alloy Handlebars; 48Tx170 millimetre Alloy crankset and 14Gx32H Alloy Hubs; Sealed Bearings along with Steel Bladed Spokes; 700Cx35 millimetre Tires;
The Gross Weight of the bike is 34 pounds and the Net Weight of the bike is 26 pounds.

The Caraci CBF targets the niche segment of commuter bikes. It is a single speed foldable bicycle which has been designed for purely commuting.  The ride quality offered by this bike is superb. It is designed for cruising along the paved city streets and it does that quite well. For getting from point A to point B in a city, this bicycle is ideal. Having a foldable bike has its advantages. If your destination is too far, you can always take the train and take your bi-cycle along with you which can save you the walk.
The bike’s aluminium frameset makes it extremely light and weighing at only 26 pounds, this bike is extremely easy to handle as well as carry. The geometry of the bike makes folding and unfolding the bike swift and hassle free. The bike has a slick and polished look and is available in Green, Pink, White, White-Red and Orange colours. The aesthetics of the bike definitely attract some eye balls.
Overall, if you are looking for a solid, reliable and affordable commuter bike, this one is one of your best options. The bike has been carefully constructed with a set of components that have a proven track record of durability and performance.  Although the brakes could have been a little better, for cruising along the city streets, this single speed bike is just perfect and the price tag associated with it makes it quite a bargain.

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