Alton Corsa R14

August 22, 2014 0

Alton Corsa R-14 Road Bike

The Alton Corsa R14 is a mid tier road bike aimed at budding riders and biking enthusiasts who want to take their biking to the next level. This bike comes with the DP-780 race inspired frame which makes it light but strong. The unique DP-780 tubing of this bike offers strength coupled with durability. Gear shifting of this bike is precise, fast and smooth and the 14-speed gear range offers ample number of combinations to choose from enabling it to scale different kind of surfaces with ease. The braking system of this bike performs equally well under all conditions and offer sheer braking power coupled with superior stability and control. The slick and stylish looks add a new dimension to the bike. The ride quality offered is extremely smooth and comfortable. This bike comes to you with complete package of speed, style, performance and endurance at an unrivalled price and if you are looking for a mid-tier road bike which can be used for racing, commuting, fitness rides or just for hitting the roads, this bike is your ideal choice.

The Alton Corsa R14 comes with
52 centimetre DP780 Frame which has been built for racing and makes the bike extremely light.
DP-780 Fork which absorbs the undulations off the road efficiently and provides just the right level of stiffness.
Shimano Tourney STI Integrated Shifters which offer smooth, precise, efficient and seamless gear shifts.
Shimano Tourney A070 TZ-21 series derailleurs.
Prowheel Alloy double crankset
Shimano A070 7-speed freewheel
KMC Z-51 114L black chain
HJC DA-16 Rims with Shimano quick release hubs
Kenda 700x28C tires
Shimano A070 Alloy caliper brakes
JST2390 Saddle
Bike weight is around 25 pounds
The Alton Corsa R14 is a mid-tier road bike which can be used for racing, commuting, fitness riding or just for coasting along the town or city streets for some fun. This bike comes with a DP 780 racing frame – the first of its kind being used in a bicycle. The frame is fairly light and keeps the weight of the bike in check. This makes the bicycle quite light and enables it to clock some fairly high speeds.
Gearing is alright although it lacks absolute precision. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get to the right gear because of false shifts. The saddle, the chain and the wheels which ship with the bike are quite cheap and low end. If you want to get the most out of the bicycle, you must have those upgraded.
Overall, the bike does well. It is extremely easy to handle the bicycle as it is pretty light and this lightweight enables it to go really fast. Ride quality offered is perfectly acceptable and this one could easily function as a commuter bike. Looks of the bicycle are pretty impressive and certainly attract a lot of attention. The price of tag associated with this bike seems reasonable and if you are thinking of buying an intermediate level road bike, you can certainly consider this bicycle as one of your options.


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